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Shopify eCommerce design & development from scratch

"Inspired by my great-great-great grandfather, John Cadbury, I founded Love Cocoa with the purpose of producing delicious, high-quality chocolate in an ethical and sustainable way. We're on a mission to drive positive change within the chocolate industry, creating chocolate that is loved by people and planet alike."

James Cadbury

James Cadbury

Founder - LoveCocoa
Date 11 August, 2016
Category Shopify Development
Estimation 3 Months
Client Love Cocoa


The planning phase for involved a deep dive into the brand ethos and mission. Collaborating directly with Love Cocoa's founder, James Cadbury, the goal was to create a Shopify-based e-commerce platform that not only showcased their high-quality, ethically produced chocolate but also conveyed the brand's commitment to sustainability. This required a detailed analysis of Love Cocoa's unique selling propositions and a strategic approach to integrate these elements seamlessly into the website's design and functionality. The planning process included discussions on custom theme design, third-party app integrations, and ensuring an intuitive user experience aligned with Love Cocoa's values.

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The development journey for commenced with the creation of the entire website from scratch using Shopify. Custom theme design and development were paramount, reflecting the brand's commitment to delivering delicious, high-quality chocolate in an ethical and sustainable manner. Working closely with James Cadbury, I translated the brand's vision into a visually appealing and functional e-commerce platform. This involved the intricate customization of themes to align with Love Cocoa's unique identity. The integration of third-party apps was executed to enhance various functionalities, such as user-friendly navigation, seamless checkout processes, and the incorporation of sustainable and ethical messaging throughout the site.

  • Custom theme Design and development
  • Product deals with custom price and specifications
  • Configuring and integrating third-party apps to enhance functionalities
lovecocoa Portfolio Image
LoveCocoa Portfolio Image

Final Result

The final result is—a sophisticated and purposeful e-commerce platform that encapsulates the essence of Love Cocoa's brand. The custom theme design not only visually complements the high-quality chocolate offerings but also communicates the brand's ethical and sustainable mission. The seamless integration of third-party apps ensures a user-friendly shopping experience, from browsing to checkout. stands as a testament to the successful collaboration between web development expertise and Love Cocoa's commitment to positive change within the chocolate industry. It serves as a digital storefront that not only showcases their delicious products but also reinforces their mission to be loved by people and planet alike.

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