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Full Migration and Renovate Custom eCommerce PrestaShop to Shopify

InstaCustoms stands out as the exclusive provider offering Combine & Save Bulk Pricing. With a unique offer, customers enjoy bulk pricing when purchasing 5 or more items within the same printing category—Blanks, Printing, or Embroidery. This includes the flexibility to mix different logos, apparel, colors, and sizes. Specializing in custom printing for Apparel, Drinkware, Hoodies, and various garment items, InstaCustoms holds the highest Google rating in Canada. For optimal cost savings, customers are encouraged to leverage the bulk pricing advantage by placing orders of at least 5 items within the same printing category. With a commitment to providing exceptional value, InstaCustoms offers a diverse range of custom printing services, establishing itself as a trusted and top-rated choice in Canada.

Date 5 November, 2022
Category Shopify Development
Estimation 11 Months
Client InstaCustoms Canada


Previously, InstaCustoms operated on a PrestaShop eCommerce site, initially a well-established setup. Unfortunately, the platform experienced significant drawbacks due to suboptimal development, resulting in a live site plagued with bugs. This issue led to a considerable loss of approximately 30% in monthly sales. Additionally, the site faced performance challenges during campaigns, struggling to handle increased traffic on its own server.

In addressing these challenges, a comprehensive evaluation of the business and its functionalities revealed that both PrestaShop and Shopify are commendable eCommerce platforms. The decision-making process aimed at minimizing monthly costs for enhanced savings. While PrestaShop exhibited compatibility with custom functionalities, Shopify emerged as a robust solution with responsive server performance, especially during high traffic periods. It's essential to strike a balance between preserving existing custom features and leveraging Shopify's scalability while accommodating the business's financial considerations.

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Client-Centric Approach

Prioritize your satisfaction by actively listening to your needs and concerns, ensuring a tailored web development experience that aligns with your vision.

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Empathetic Understanding

Beyond expertise, empathizing with your challenges to deliver solutions that not only meet specifications but also exceed expectations.

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Transparent Communication

Keep you informed at every stage, fostering a collaborative and transparent environment for a seamless client-provider relationship.

In this transformative project for, I successfully orchestrated the migration from PrestaShop to Shopify, overcoming the challenges of bugs, performance issues, and variant limitations. Through meticulous development spanning several months, I preserved and enhanced existing functionalities while harnessing the full benefits of Shopify's robust server infrastructure. A key achievement was overcoming Shopify's 100-variant limit through critical custom coding in the theme liquid, allowing for an unlimited variant display. This strategic blend of theme liquid customization and adept problem-solving not only rectified the initial obstacles but also optimized the overall efficiency and performance of the e-commerce site. The result is a seamlessly integrated and highly responsive Shopify platform, tailored to meet InstaCustoms' unique requirements and poised for sustained growth and success.

  • Custom theme Design and development
  • Product customizer with custom price and specifications
  • Fully automated customer design and order synchronization.
InstaCustoms Portfolio Image
InstaCustoms Portfolio Image

Final Result

After several months of meticulous and sequential development, I successfully achieved the set goal for The platform has seamlessly transitioned to Shopify while retaining all of its existing functions, now benefiting from the robust Shopify server infrastructure. While the task posed its challenges, it was not insurmountable. Numerous custom requirements, initially incompatible with Shopify's structure, were skillfully managed through extensive theme custom liquid customization. This strategic approach ensured a harmonious blend of InstaCustoms' unique functionalities with the optimized performance and scalability inherent in Shopify's platform, marking a significant milestone in enhancing the overall efficiency and performance of the e-commerce site.

In overcoming the challenges faced during the transition to Shopify, a notable hurdle was the platform's inherent limitation of a 100-variant display. Addressing this constraint was crucial, and I successfully implemented a critical custom code within the theme liquid. This innovative solution enabled to showcase an unlimited number of variants, ensuring a comprehensive and unrestricted presentation of their diverse product offerings. This bespoke customization not only resolved a significant challenge but also underscored the adaptability and expertise applied in optimizing the Shopify platform to align seamlessly with InstaCustoms' specific needs.

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