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Custom Shopify eCommerce development & design from scratch

Wyoming, United States — Purchasing home decor, furniture, gift items and other products all under one store often becomes a challenge. Oftentimes people have issues with the quality, price or the variety of products that do not cater to their preferences. Over the years, 99FAB has been one of the top online retail stores and a go-to solution for purchasing home décor, furniture, fashion, shoes, bags and a variety of products, all under one store. After establishing a reputation for providing excellent home decor stuff at affordable prices, the company is excited to introduce a new line of personalized gift, handcrafted items and Garden furniture for its customers.

Date 17 December, 2017
Category Shopify Development
Estimation 18 Months
Client 99FAB LLC


99FAB LLC manages a diverse network of over 30 vendors and suppliers, offering a comprehensive catalog of more than 60 thousand products. Each vendor operates with distinct price rules, margins, shipping methods, and transit times, presenting a complex challenge. While Shopify allows the creation of separate shipping profiles, the current manual assignment of each product to these profiles poses a significant obstacle. The imperative is to achieve full automation across the entire site. With a daily influx of over 100 new products and corresponding removals or unavailability, the objective is to establish an automated system for shipping, order processing, and tracking. This undertaking aims to streamline operations and enhance efficiency in the dynamic e-commerce landscape.

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Client-Centric Approach

Prioritize your satisfaction by actively listening to your needs and concerns, ensuring a tailored web development experience that aligns with your vision.

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Empathetic Understanding

Beyond expertise, empathizing with your challenges to deliver solutions that not only meet specifications but also exceed expectations.

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Transparent Communication

Keep you informed at every stage, fostering a collaborative and transparent environment for a seamless client-provider relationship.

In this project, I spearheaded the end-to-end development and design of a comprehensive Shopify e-commerce platform. This involved the creation of a custom theme, installation, and configuration of various apps, and the implementation of a sophisticated custom shipping profile to manage products from multiple vendors—totaling over 60 thousand items. The system is fully automated, with daily auto-updates for product information and seamless synchronization of the order and tracking processes, ensuring a streamlined and efficient e-commerce experience.

  • Custom theme Design and development
  • Custom vendor and supplier synchronization
  • Fully automated inventory and order synchronization.
99fab Portfolio Image
99fab Portfolio Image

Final Result

The successful culmination of this project has resulted in a highly sophisticated and seamlessly functioning Shopify e-commerce platform. At its core is a meticulously designed and developed custom theme that enhances visual appeal and aligns seamlessly with the brand. This platform boasts a fully responsive design, ensuring optimal functionality across all devices, from desktop to mobile, providing users with a seamless and engaging experience. The implementation of a custom shipping profile for multiple vendors, managing an extensive inventory of over 60 thousand products, contributes to a dynamic and responsive system. Noteworthy are the fully automated processes, including daily product updates and synchronized order and tracking procedures, fostering a streamlined and efficient e-commerce experience. The final result is a cutting-edge online retail solution that seamlessly integrates design, functionality, and automation, delivering optimal performance and user satisfaction in the ever-evolving landscape of modern online retail.

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