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Shopify eCommerce design & development from scratch with API

Cheapest Tshirts Canada stands as the leading Canadian distributor of premium wholesale apparel, boasting a diverse selection of over 25 renowned brands in apparel, headwear, and bags. With distribution centers strategically located in Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary, we have established ourselves as a national powerhouse for blank apparel and accessories. Since our inception in 2016, we have cultivated a robust reputation for providing the most affordable prices in the market. Our passionate team is dedicated to bringing fashion-forward wholesale options to clients, offering access to a wide array of products, including esteemed brands such as Adidas, Gildan, Champion, and exclusive Canadian favorites like Independent Trading Company, M&O, and Richardson. When you choose Cheapest Tshirts Canada, you not only gain access to premium wholesale options but also benefit from our unwavering commitment to affordability and variety.

Date 20 November, 2023
Category Shopify Development
Estimation 11 Months
Client Cheapest Tshirts Canada


The planning phase for involved a comprehensive approach to meet the unique needs of Cheapest Tshirts Canada. The primary goal was to create a fully automated Shopify eCommerce platform, integrating external API data from their vendor, SS Canada Activewear. Key considerations included overcoming Shopify's 100 variant limit, accommodating multiple warehouse locations, and ensuring a seamless bulk order capability for an extensive product range exceeding 20,000 items. The plan also included building custom apps, connectors, and a critical custom theme, emphasizing a fully automated system for order processing, tracking, and inventory management.

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The development journey began with the creation of from scratch on the Shopify platform. Extensive work was done to integrate the external API from SS Canada Activewear, creating custom connectors and apps to facilitate a fully automated system. A critical custom theme was developed, incorporating numerous liquid code and templates for a dynamic front-end experience. The challenge of Shopify's 100 variant limit was addressed through the creation of an elaborate custom metafield dataflow, allowing for an unlimited number of variants. Additionally, a bulk order app with API integration was developed, enabling customers to order in bulk across an extensive range of variants, colors, and sizes. The complex task of managing three warehouse locations was addressed by implementing separate warehouse shipping, calculation, and auto-inventory systems. The site now boasts a fully automated structure where API updates, inventory, prices, photos, and more occur every 6 hours.

  • Custom theme Design and development
  • Engineered an extensive custom metafield dataflow to surpass Shopify's 100 variant limit.
  • Enabled the site to handle an unlimited number of variants, including products with more than 5000 variants.
  • Built a custom bulk order app with API integration, allowing customers to order in bulk across an extensive product range.
  • Implemented separate warehouse shipping, calculation, and auto-inventory systems for SS Canada's three warehouse locations.
  • Established a fully automated system for order processing, tracking, and inventory management.
  • Zero Maintenance: Created a human-less Shopify eCommerce site that operates seamlessly without any manual intervention.
CheapestTshirts Portfolio Image
CheapestTshirts Portfolio Image

Final Result

The final result is, a groundbreaking Shopify eCommerce site that operates as a one-man army. The fully automated system eliminates the need for human intervention, ensuring zero maintenance. With more than 20,000 products and an unlimited number of variants, the site overcomes Shopify's variant limit through innovative custom solutions. The integration of external API data ensures the site runs autonomously, managing the order system, tracking, and synchronization with vendors seamlessly. This achievement represents not just a functional eCommerce platform but a pioneering solution in the industry—an automated, human-less Shopify site that effortlessly handles the complexities of inventory, orders, and tracking.

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